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USA: Gemengelage am 6. Februar 2018 ...schreiten nun, insbesondere in Übersee, die Ereignisse mit recht großen Schritten voran?

USA: „Menschen werden ins Gefängnis wandern“ – Russia-Gate wird für Clinton-Demokraten zum Bumerang ...noch versuchen sie von ihren Taten abzulenken!

QAnon Decode Post Friday Jan 19 2018 Why Are We Here Vers 8.0 Jan 19 2018 ...take care, perhaps it is true!?

Infos in Geheim-Dossier „schlimmer als Watergate“ – Schlinge um Hillary Clinton sitzt immer enger ...die Amerikaner und der Rest der Welt verdienen die Wahrheit!

“Government Shutdown“: Theaterdonner oder Taktik? ...auf jeden Fall wird es spannend! Stichwort: Goodbye "Federal-Reserve-Note" and welcome back  "United-States-Note"!?

"Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation" ...werden jetzt alle Machenschaften von Obama, Clinton Foundation, FBI, Department of Justice usw.aufgedeckt?


HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider! ...now the central themes running through MSM!

MUST READ: PEDOGATE – A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal ...when we'll read the names?

EXPOSED: CIA – The Swamp Monsters  ...against Trump as Defender of the Spirit of America?

‘He will die in jail’: Ex-NSA Analyst Says Intel Community Going ‘Nuclear’ With Trump ...the war between President Trump and intelligence community intensifies!

Pizzagate: Mass Meditation Event For Arrest Of Elite Washington Pedophile Ring ...when?

Brigitte Gabriel Exposed Obama’s Plan for Allowing Muslim Brotherhood to Destroy America! ...and to infiltrate and take over the United States of America and make Islam the dominant religion of the country?

Trump Has Only One Alternative …is Pizzagate the President’s real trump card?

Alleged Coup Planned on Trump – Pence Is Implicated ...is PizzaGate now getting too close to home?

Wikileaks: Vault 7  ...so what’s going on with February 19?

Breaking: It's Official! The Call For George Soros' Arrest Has Reached The White House

Pizzagate: Hackers Who Destroyed 10,000 Darkweb Sites Are Naming Names: Hackers to present information to FBI ...the disclosure goes on!

Elijah Wood: Hollywood Is Run By A Powerful Elite Pedophile Ring ...is this the true nature of Hollywood pedophilia?

FBI Analyst Says, High Level Pedophile Arrests Coming Soon! ...time for new disclosures?

When PizzaGate Started – the Untouchable Demon Race – it Goes Deeper Than You Ever Expected ...What do you think?

#PedoGate #PizzaGate Update - 70 Politicians & Elites In D.C., NYC, VA, To Be Arrested Next Week! ...we'll see it next week!

“Hillary Caught Fleeing the Country to Avoid Jail” ...is it NOW IN PRINT?

Trump’s Order to House Oversight Committee: Investigate Hillary Clinton, “Go After Everything” ...The End of Hillery?

Before and After Obama: 10 Signs of a Diminished America ...let's have a look!

DC Cops Preparing For Mass Arrests at Trump Inauguration ...or preparing for the worst case?

PizzaGate Is the Silver Bullet! Exposed as CIA Global Pedo-Operation!   ...Surprise, surprise!!

BREAKING - ARMY INTEL OFFICER: OBAMA WILL START WAR TO STOP TRUMP ...if it's true, i hope the military will not follow obama's order to do anything like that!

Obama Plans New Year War With Russia Within 20 Days ...and what else is planned for the last 19 days before Trump takes office?

Obama Recalls All Aircraft Carriers, Setting Up U.S. For Attack ...it’s all a little too strange, that ALL aircraft carriers are in-port! Remember Pearl Harbour?

Obama hints he will start war with Russia to STOP Trump! ...um dann als oberster Befehlshaber der Armee das Kriegsrecht auszurufen und Notstandsgesetze in Kraft setzen, die ihm die weitere Regentschaft sichern?

Accounting Gimmicks Won’t Stop The U.S.A. Titanic From Sinking ..will Trump be able to fix it?

Artist's Impression Of Obama's War On Terrorism ...or an reality check?

Paul Craig Roberts Warns "As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises" ...like JFK?

Hillary has KURU Disease from Child Cannibalism? ...could this be true? Read: Kuru (disease)

SHOCKING EVIDENCE Obama's Daughters May Be Adopted!! Malia Ann Obama & Sasha Obama?

PizzaGate: An Exploding Scandal Connected to Every Other Major Conspiracy ...is this the “Scandal of the Millennium”?

Jayant Bhandari: Gold Price SKYROCKETS in India after Currency Ban ...the People are now converting whatever they can into gold, & silver!

Pizzagate: It’s Really a Cover-up of a Much More Scandalous Global Crime Syndicate ...and most of the missing children are never found!

Why A "Dollar" Should Only Be A Name For A Unit Of Gold ...will it happen again?

Podesta Caught Throwing Hot Tub Parties With Children: FULL UPLOAD ...a shock how bad it is!

Hillary Clinton Should be in Jail, Not the White House ...are here a few of the most well-documented crimes and national security nightmares?

TRANCEformation of America ... the documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control Cathy O'Brien!


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